Building brand ambassadors

Internal strategy

With over 7000 colleagues in 400+ live services across the UK, it was proving difficult for one designer to keep tabs on how (and if) the brand was being used correctly by colleagues. We quickly realised that we needed to build on those colleagues who love the brand, love working for Virgin Care and who could act

as 'brand guardians' when working across the business.

The Brand and Marketing Hub

With colleagues only able to access a few materials on our Intranet such as brand colours, PowerPoint templates and a handful illustrations, it became clear that

we needed to make much more of our assets available to colleagues. Only then, could they really feel empowered to be brand ambassadors.


The brand page was re-imagined as 'The Brand and Marketing Hub,' - a place on our Intranet now full of assets, information and contact details that would be needed to know about the Virgin Care brand and how to use it. From our brand book, to promotional items to guidance on how to set up your email signature

(a brand should be recognisable across all areas of an organisation, right?)

colleagues no longer needed a designer 24/7, but had been given the tools

to be designers themselves.




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Spending more time designing

A lot of requests come our way to supply colleagues with promotional materials that can be used at recruitment events and open days. As part of providing our colleagues with the right tools, we worked with external suppliers to create a catalogue of ready-made materials. We found that this significantly reduced the time we spent with individual requests, and therefore enabled us to spend more time designing for the rest of the business.